I love being outdoors. Always have.

I grew up hiking, hunting and fishing in South-Eastern Australia and have shot recurve bows and rifles since an early age. About 30-something years ago, I got my very first bow: a second-hand Black Widow. I can’t remember the model, but remember shooting a hell of a lot small game with it. Since then I’ve owned and shot everything from Bears, Hoyts and PSEs to even homemade bows – nearly 100% traditional archery. I have always wanted to have something cool and practical to put them in when I’m travelling and have always designed and made my own gear for my own personal use. And, so began Little Ax.

The Recurve Bow Bag is my first commercial product: I also have a longbow bag, a takedown bow bag and a 90L long range backpack in the works that will be released very soon.

The simplicity of traditional archery has taught me so much, not only about hunting, but also life, and I have always wanted to return something to the field. Designing products to help archers, hikers and hunters get the most out of the outdoors seemed like a good place to start.

My personal philosophy is simple enough: do something and do it to the absolute best of one’s ability. So, I design the products myself, I participate in their manufacture and I make sure that each item I put to market I would own and use myself. I want to be proud of what I make and, most importantly, use what I make.

I hope you like and enjoy our products as much as I do.

All the best!

Anthony Santoro


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