Customer Reviews, Testimonials & Feedback

The most durable and practical recurve bag around. I love how roomy, durable and practical this case is. I especially like how easy it is to attach a spare quiver or arrow tube to the outside of the case and just sling it over your shoulder.

Andy Donald / @nocturnal_archer - Australia

After my bow and arrows, the R1 is the best investment I’ve made for my archery gear. My bow pretty much lives in the R1. They come out to be used, then return again to the case. Padded, versatile. Love it.

Scott Walsh / @scottwalsh34 - Australia

Top notch quality and craftsmanship. Totally well done and designed. Great products!

Dave Hanniff / Hitman Longbows - USA

Love my Little Ax case!! Keeping my bow safe and sound! If you don’t have one, you’re missing the boat!

Tim Red of Dirt Rich TV / @red_dirt-rich-tv - USA

Owner of three R1 cases – just love them!

Dan Manfred / @dan.manfred - Australia

Loving it!!! Using the hell out of this bag!!!

Chad Brown / @_chadbrown_ - USA

I want to take the chance to thank you for an amazing R1 bow bag! I recently started competing both barebow and traditional wooden bows division. I travel to competitions with both of my bows in my R1 bag. Both my Barebow and and my wooden Trad bow fit perfectly in my bag. Also, the Molle strap system that the bag comes with is amazing for adding Molle pouches to it. Last but not least, the fact that I can also take by Barebow down and bend the end parts as well clip them together and make the bag smaller is perfect! Overall, the R1 is an amazing bow bag. Thank you again for the amazing product.

Edison Fernandez / @letemflyed - USA

The Little Ax bow case is a multifunctional military style bag/case built with only the most durable materials to deliver the utmost protection for your traditional bows. It’s certainly a relief knowing my beautiful bows won’t get damaged when I’m on the move. Best thing since sliced bread.

Jack Spinks / Traditional Archery Editor, Bowhunting Down Under Magazine, owner of JS Custom Strings (@js.customstrings) - Australia

I am always traveling with my recurve bow and had yet to find a solution to how best to transport it. I had sewn down a long bow bag but it wasn’t padded and tried using a tent pole bag but it wasn’t a good fit. I had googled “recurve bag” and hadn’t come up with any solutions for a non-takedown bow. Luckily my friend Andy (@nocturnal_archer) knew someone who had come up with an awesome solution… Little Ax bags are the perfect recurve bag. They fit my bow snug and cushion it well with room for arrows and spare kit. I can take my bow on planes and in my car knowing it’s protected in something built for the job. And now Anthony has come up with another nifty bag that allows me to keep it strung while transporting. This allows me to throw it in the back of the truck and be prepared with a quick unzip should I spy some goats in the bush. It takes a bow hunter to make the perfect recurve bag, and Little Ax has nailed it.

Ky Furneaux / @kyfurneaux - Australia